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Question #1
Approximately what percentage of the earth's surface is covered by oceans?

A. 10%
B. 35%
C. 70%
D. 90%


Question #2
The deepest ocean is the

A. Arctic
B. Pacific
C. Atlantic
D. Indian


Question #3
The boundary between continental crust and oceanic crust occurs at the base of the

A. continental shelf
B. abyssal plain
C. continental slope
D. mid-ocean ridge


Question #4
Which feature is formed where oceanic plates are separating?

A. trench
B. submarine canyon
C. rift
D. abyssal plain


Question #5
Which of the following desribes a seamount?

A. ocean floor at the edge of a continental margin
B. underwater mountain range
C. sediment piled at the base of the continental slope
D. isolated mid-ocean volcano


Question #6
A small area of ocean that is partially surrounded by land is called a(n)

A. abyssal plain
B. sea
C. bathyscaph
D. continental shelf


Question #7
The most abundant major element dissolved in ocean water is

A. boron
B. chlorine
C. calcium
D. potassium


Question #8
Which ocean zone separates the warm surface water from the colder deep water?

A. thermocline
B. benthos
C. abyssal plain
D. neritic zone


Question #9
The most valuable resource taken from the ocean is

A. copper deposited on the ocean floor
B. treasures from sunken ships
C. petroleum from beneath the ocean floor
D. gold dissolved in ocean water


Question #10
A large flat area on the ocean floor is called a(n)

A. guyot
B. rift valley
C. abyssal plain
D. coral reef



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