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Earth's Atmosphere

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Question #1
Ozone is a type of

A. nitrogen
B. oxygen
C. carbon dioxide
D. water vapor


Question #2
The most abundant element in the earth's atmosphere is

A. oxygen
B. argon
C. hydrogen
D. nitrogen


Question #3
The layer of the atmosphere in which weather change occurs is the

A. mesosphere
B. troposphere
C. thermosphere
D. stratosphere


Question #4
In which layer of the earth's atmosphere is most ozone found?

A. troposphere
B. thermosphere
C. stratosphere
D. mesosphere


Question #5
What type of radiation is trapped on the earth's surface by the greenhouse effect?

A. ultraviolet rays
B. X rays
C. gamma rays
D. infrared rays


Question #6
The vertical movement of air due to the uneven heating is called

A. convection
B. reflection
C. conduction
D. refraction


Question #7
In the Northern Hemisphere, the general direction of the flow of the jet stream is toward the

A. north
B. south
C. east
D. west


Question #8
The transfer of heat that takes place when fluids (gases and liquids) are unevenly heated is called

A. reflection
B. conduction
C. radiation
D. convection


Question #9
Which of the following adds oxygen to the atmosphere?

A. forest fires
B. photosynthesis
C. weathering of rocks
D. life processes of animals


Question #10
The global wind system which most influences the weather in St. James is the

A. polar easterlies
B. westerlies
C. trade winds
D. doldrums



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