Temperature, Air Pressure & Wind

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Question #1
Wind strength is dependent upon

A. vertical movement of air
B. air pressure differences
C. horizontal movement of air
D. amount of gravitation attraction


Question #2
Lines on a surface map which show areas of equal temperature are called

A. isobars
B. thermobars
C. thermtherms
D. isotherms


Question #3
The instrument used to measure air pressure is called a(n)

A. barometer
B. thermometer
C. annemometer
D. weather vane


Question #4
The global winds which most influence the weather in the United States are the

A. Trade Winds
B. Polar Easterlies
C. Westerlies
D. Doldrums


Question #5
Sea breezes occur during the --?-- and produce winds moving --?--.

A. night / out over the water
B. night / in over the land
C. day / out over the water
D. day / in over the land


Question #6
Upward and downward currents of air which result from the uneven heating of the air are called

A. conduction currents
B. convection currents
C. radiation currents
D. winds


Question #7
The shift in global winds (to the right in the Northern Hemisphere) as a result of the Earth's rotation is called the

A. Bernouli Principle
B. Jetstream
C. El Nino
D. Coriolis Effect


Question #8
Winds are named according to

A. the direction they are blowing toward
B. the direction they are blowing from
C. their speed
D. their origin


Question #9
What is the movement of air around the center of a HIGH air pressure system?

A. downward, outward and clockwise
B. downward, inward and counterclockwise
C. upward, outward and clockwise
D. upward, inward and counterclockwise


Question #10
Which value most closely defines normal air pressure at sa level?

A. 30.92 inches
B. 28.92 inches
C. 31,92 inches
D. 29.92 inches



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