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A Trip Through The Universe

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Question #1
Quasars are

A. nebulae
B. pulsars
C. close to earth
D. very distant


Question #2
The sun is located in a galaxy called

A. Andromeda
B. Milky Way
C. Sagitarrius
D. Orion


Question #3
A lightyear a measurement of

A. time
B. distance
C. star brightness
D. temperature


Question #4
The process by which stars produce their energy is called

A. internal combustion
B. nuclear fusion
C. nuclear fission
D. electromagnetic radiation


Question #5
The term for a star which explodes in a gigantic burst of light and energy is called a(n)

A. pulsar
B. star cluster
C. black hole
D. nova


Question #6
Mars, Earth, Venus and Pluto are referred to as

A. gaseous planets
B. inner planets
C. terrestrial planets
D. outer planets


Question #7
The most common type of galaxy is

A. spiral
B. irregular
C. elliptical
D. round


Question #8
The speed of light is

A. 186,000 miles per second
B. 186,000 miles per minute
C. 186,000 miles per hour
D. 186,000 miles per year


Question #9
Most stars are usually found along with a partner star. What is the name for this type of association?

A. star cluster system
B. singularity
C. binary star system
D. paralax


Question #10
A huge cloud of gas and dust from which new stars form is called

A. a pulsar
B. a nova
C. a nebula
D. the Universe



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