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Volcanoes Quiz

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Question #1
Most magma forms in...

A. continental crust
B. the lithosphere
C. the asthenosphere
D. ocean crust


Question #2
An opening in the earth's surface through which molten rock flows is called a ...

A. vent
B. caldera
C. mantle
D. fault


Question #3
An opening on the earth's surface through which molten rock flows and the material that builds up around the opening together form a...

A. subduction zone
B. trench
C. convergent boundary
D. volcano


Question #4
The broad volcanic feature formed by quiet eruptions on thin lava flows is called a ...

A. shield zone
B. cinder cone
C. rift
D. strato-volcano


Question #5
Which of the following formations would most likely result from a single violent volcanic eruption?

A. shield volcano
B. vent
C. cinder cone
D. caldera


Question #6
What is the name of the volcano which erupted in 1980 and caused widespread damage in the Washington and Oregon region?

A. Mt. Vesuvius
B. Mt. St. Helens
C. Mt. Rushmore
D. Mt. McKinley


Question #7
What is formed when a magma chamber empties and collapses?

A. a crater
B. a fissure
C. a caldera
D. a vent


Question #8
Before a volcanic eruption, seismic activity seems to...

A. increase in frequency and decrease in intensity
B. decrease in both frequency and intensity
C. decrease in frequency and increase in intensity
D. increase in both frequency and intensity


Question #9
Where is the volcano Olympus Mons located?

A. Italy
B. Japan
C. on Mars
D. on the moon Io


Question #10
Which of the following planetary bodies has far more volcanic activity then the earth?

A. Mars
B. the Moon
C. Io
D. Jupiter



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