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Igneous Rocks

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Question #1
The parent material for all rocks is

A. silica
B. quartz
C. granite
D. magma


Question #2
Which of the following types of rock is produced by magma that cools deep below the earth's crust?

A. extrusive igneous
B. intrusive igneous
C. foliated metamorphic
D. chemical sedimentary


Question #3
Which of the following is an igneous rock?

A. limestone
B. gypsum
C. gneiss
D. basalt


Question #4
The size and arrangement of crystal grains in igneous rocks is called

A. density
B. texture
C. hardness
D. luster


Question #5
An igneous rock with a mixture of large and small grians is

A. a porphyry
B. an intrusion
C. an extrusion
D. a breccia


Question #6
Magma that cools deep below the earth's crust forms what type of rock?

A. clastic
B. intrusive
C. stratified
D. extrusive


Question #7
The texture of igneous rock is determined by the rate at which magma

A. flows from a volcano
B. cools
C. melts
D. compresses


Question #8
A black, glass-like igneous rock which cools quickly preventing crystals to form is

A. basalt
B. granite
C. obsidian
D. slate


Question #9
The term "igneous " means

A. fire-formed
B. to change
C. to become layered
D. dark colored


Question #10
An example of an igneous rock which floats on water is

A. scoria
B. pumice
C. gabbro
D. basalt



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